In many parts of our country girls are still discouraged from going to school. Consequently, a sizable section of the population is deprived of education. Schemes like Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan, CBSE scholarship to the single girl child and the Government’s policy of giving free education to girls have come as a boon to our society. Write an article in 150-200 words on the education of the girl child in the country.


                                                        Free Education for Girls.

                                                                  By Abc.

7th January 2022, Delhi: Education is a basic necessity. It is education that helps in bringing forward a state or a country. Without education, there is no prosperity and no growth. It is the right of every human being, irrespective of gender. In many parts of India, a girl child is still deprived of education and discouraged from going to school. Mostly, the family’s poor financial situation and a belief that boys need more education than girls, which stops them from sending girls to school. But thanks to the government, which introduced schemes like Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan, which provides CBSE scholarships to single girl children and several policies that give free education to every girl child. The introduction of such an initiative has offered a means for girls education, which would prove beneficial for our society in the long run. I’m pleased by the steps taken by the government and hope such promising attempts will be continued in the future.

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