Industrialisation and urbanisation are linked processes. Discuss.


Solution :The rise of machine production based on the utilization of inanimate power supplies such as steam or electricity is referred to as industrialisation.

The fact that a substantial number of people work in factories, offices, or shops rather than in agriculture is a key element of industrial society.

Over 90% of people live in cities and towns, where the majority of jobs are available and new work opportunities are produced, such as in Britain, which was the first society to undergo industrialisation..strialisation and was also the first to transition from a rural to an urban community.

During the British period, industrialization led to the loss of traditional urban centers in various areas.

 the colonial period, the process of urbanization resulted in the collapse of older urban centers and the creation of new colonial cities, such as Surat and Masulipatnam losing their allure and Bombay and Madras emerging as prominent cities.

When manufacturing units exploded in the United Kingdom, traditional Indian cotton and silk exports plummeted because they couldn’t compete with Manchester.

With the emergence of mechanized factory industry at the end of the nineteenth century, few places became densely populated.

Village crafts in the interior of India, for example, could persist far longer than in eastern India, where British penetration was the earliest and deepest. Only the spread of railways had an impact on them.

Following Independence, India’s government played an important role in safeguarding and encouraging industrialization, and subsequent policies relating to deregulation and globalization have resulted in massive urban growth.

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