LSE Commonwealth Shared Scholarship for Postgraduates: Eligibility and Application Process


Niyathi Pramod, Blogger at Edumarz/05-July-2022

Table of Contents


  • Overview
  • Eligibility
  • Scholarship amount
  • How to apply


The Foreign, Commonwealth, and Development (FCDO) is an organization that funds scholarships. It funds awards as part of the British aid program to underdeveloped nations. The Commonwealth Scholarship Commission is in charge of running the program.


The program aims to help highly qualified students from developing Commonwealth nations. Those students who would enjoy attending a university in the United Kingdom. Those students who are unable to do so due to financial constraints. And are not eligible for other support programs offered by the British government.




To apply to the program, one must apply for admission from LSE.The aspirants who have received that, may then proceed. Onto applying for the faculties that are available for higher studies.




Only full-time, one-year taught postgraduate programs are eligible for awards. There won’t be any undergraduate studies awards given out.


The following programs have applied to receive financing for an award at LSE during the academic year 2022–2023.




Applicants must meet the following criteria in order to be eligible for the scholarship provided:


  • They must not currently live in or be enrolled in school in a developed country.
  • not pursued studies lasting a year or longer in a developed nation;
  • are unable to pay for their studies in the United Kingdom either directly or through their family;
  • They will depart for their nation of origin as soon as their reward ends.




Scholarship amount


The FCDO (Foriegn, Commonwealth and Development Organisation) and participating British institutions will share the total cost. Regarding the recipient’s studies in the UK, including travel expenses there and back. FCDO will cover the total cost of tuition as well as a maintenance grant ($17,119 at rates for 2021/22).


The cost of up to 10 kilograms of accompanying excess baggage is also available for scholars. Those scholars who are returning home after acquiring thier degree(s). As well as a grant of up to 225 Great Britain Pounds to support their master’s thesis expenses.


No further compensation is given to partners or other dependents.



How to apply


Students that wish to apply are expected to do so in the following method. Commonwealth funding for programs starting in September 2022 require students to:


  • Submit your application for enrollment in one of LSE’s appropriate programs. The LSE Graduate Admissions Office should receive inquiries and applications for admission to the School.
  • By 20 December 2021, submit your online application to the Commonwealth Scholarship Commission. By 21 February 2022, send your Graduate Financial Support Application Form to LSE for You. Additionally, this will enable you to be evaluated for any other LSE Scholarships for which you may qualify.
  • receiving a place offer (conditional or unconditional)


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