Q-What are developmental tasks? Explain by giving examples


Solution – 

Development can be described in terms of the stages. Which may start from your conception till death. 

Following are the stages- 

Thus this is evident that human life proceeds through diverse stages. For example- the class 12th students right now are in their adolescence age. 

These stages have dominant features, that characterise each stage. 

During a stage, the individual moves towards an assumed goal that he/she must achieve and then the person progresses towards the other stage. Without completing the goals of a particular age humans cant not proceed towards the next age. For example- if a child doesn’t learn how to walk during infancy then how is it possible he/she would be able to run later. But it is important to mention that there are diverse individual differences and they do vary in time or phases of development. 

Some skills and behaviours are learned by humans in these stages and sometimes they become social expectations of that stage of development. These are known as developmental tasks

For example – imagine a child who can’t speak by age 3, how much people are scared about the child, they have different conceptions of the topic. 

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