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Quizzy Chaos

       Kiarra Gaba, Blogger at Edumarz

“You are still waiting for the perfect chance to begin with when it’s just a pop quiz”

A word that was just invented, as a new word introduced to the English language by James Daly in a day, became an expression for all the chaotic games. ‘Quiz’ as a word first came into records defining something or someone as ‘eccentric or odd’. With time this word evolved to be directly associated with a perfect way to test and observe one’s intellect. It doesn’t matter what we refer to, life or a game, there is no time to wait for the perfect timing to begin with because everything is a pop quiz.

  • Importance –

Quiz, a mini-mystery game is an enjoyable and interesting way to enhance the intellectual efficiency of an individual. Quizzes are fun and benefits people in countless ways like –

  • Quizzes raise confidence,

  • Raise confidence,

  • Boosts self-esteem,

  • Aids planning,

  • Supports individualized learning,

  • Identification of continuous growth,

  • Calculate intellectual progress,

  • Helps individuals to reach ones full potential,

  • Helps to gain quick overview to targeted topic,

  • Promises reflecting pupils habits on learning,

  • Great as a part of any kind of targeted assessment,

  • Can be used as a part of assessment revision,

  • Improves critical thinking, etc.

Now here a question that arises is “How would we know what makes a quiz a good and reliable quiz?”. Doesn’t matter if the quiz is aimed to be targeted or not, basic features or characteristics that make a good and reliable quiz are as listed –

  • Simplicity – The quiz should be formed in a simple way so that it should be clearly understood by the people. Complexity or advanced vocabulary should be used only when it is meant to test the before mentioned.

  • Novice readability,

  • Keep it precise and to the point,

  • Avoid contradictory Q&A’s,

  • Ignore adding humor,

  • Don’t pin hopes on just true and false,

  • If including MCQs then every step must have the same number of responses to answer from,

  • Steer clear of using slang,

  • Keep away from cultural references,

  • Follow similar grammatical structure throughout,

  • Stay concise regarding answers by excluding – all of the above and none of the above responses,

  • Don’t interlock questions,

  • Form a precise goal.

All the above-mentioned key points can be twisted and turned according to the change in preferences and targets. There is never a blueprint to the manner in which this can be created or presented. The basic thought changes according to the central principle of its formation. Until and unless the idealized goal is clear and no harm whether emotionally or culturally is being caused every way is a perfect way and every quiz is an ideal fun quiz.

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