Sussex India Scholarships: Give wings to your dreams


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  • Introduction
  • Faculties 
  • Service 
  • Eligibility (Who is Eligible; Who isn’t)
  • Application Process
  • Selection Process 
  • Award
  • Terms and Conditions:
  • Ranking 
  • Address


US: Introduction

The University of  Sussex India Scholarships had a great opportunity for Indian Students commencing PG ( Postgraduate-Level) at the University of Sussex.

It is a leading research-intensive university near Brighton, in the south of England. Sussex has its main campus in Falmer on the outskirts of Brighton which is very close to London and a few international airports at Gatwick and Heathrow. The new wave of UK universities found in the 1960s and received its royal charter in 1961. The US has both an International and Local outlook, with staff and students from more than 100 countries in community services. 

The US offers almost 500 Undergraduate, Postgraduates, and Doctoral themes in various fields such as Mathematics, Law, Management, etc to almost 1000+ students from over century countries around the world. 

The US accepted applications in the Autumn, Wintertime, and spring semester. The University of Sussex is followed by more than 15,000 students and its main aim and fundamental is to deliver a teaching and learning program informed by current research; on creativity skills, diversity in our teaching and interdisciplinary. The University of Sussex focused more to deliver socioeconomic and cultural background skills for life. 

The US (University of Sussex) developed a reputation for innovation and inspiration, and attract leading thinkers and researchers.

The US had three Nobel Prize winners: 

  • Fellows of the British Academy 
  • A Winner of the Prestigious 
  • Crafoord Prize on staff.

The US campus is located in an inspiring environment surrounded by mesmerizing flora and fauna which is eye-soothing and has fantastic transport links with easy access to the neighbouring cities in the UK.



The US is more focused on quality education through its many departments based in different schools. The US has almost 12 schools of studies related to their subject theme, Doctoral Schools, and research groups, such as the Business school, School of Life sciences, Physical Sciences, etc.


The US had many other academic departments:

  • Accounting and Finance
  • Management 
  • Educations 
  • Engineering 
  • Informatics
  • Law
  • Anthropology 
  • Philosophy 
  • Politics 
  • Mathematics 
  • Strategy and Marketing 
  • Product Design 
  • International Relations
  • International Development


US: Service

The US treat their students as their kid and keep all amenities they need in their mind and help them have an enriching campus experience.

The US is always ready to help or be the back support for International Students by supporting the community to help them get the most out of their studies and students life. 

The US provided other amenities:

  • Accommodations 
  • Bars, cafes, and Restaurant
  • Students union
  • Library 
  • Bank and cash Machines 
  • Sports
  • Health Centre
  • Childcare Facilities 
  • Conference and Events
  • Societies and Events 
  • International Community Service 

Students Accommodation 

It helps the students as it is one of the best ways to experience diverse their life with various cultures and backgrounds belonging to different countries around the world.

Even university-managed accommodation in this accommodation is provided both on-campus and off-campus and is offered based on their availability. It’s located in the residential areas of Brighton and Hove. All the charges are paid by the university only between £141.00 to £162.00 per week.

Independently Housing 

Independent homes are located near rivers Birtwell/Home James. Cost of room per week £155 which will include bills, ultra-fast, internet, cleaner/Gardener, and a damaged deposit of £774 which is refundable at the end of the tenancy. The Budget is based on the preferred location.


US: Eligibility

To be eligible for the SIS Student,

  • Must be an Indian citizen 
  • Must be a self- Financing students 
  • Must have accepted an offer to study an eligible master’s course at Sussex.


Students / Candidates who aren’t eligible for the US

  • If they already have another Sussex Scholarships 
  • Scholarships are not eligible to study this theme:

  • Postgraduate Diplomas
  • Corruption, Law and Governance LLM
  • Early Years in Education MA
  • Poverty and Development MA
  • Governance, Development, and Public Policy MA
  • Developments Studies MA
  • PGCE Courses
  • Schools direct teaching courses


Note: Unlimited numbers of scholarships are available.


US: Application Process

Applicants have to follow some steps for the University  Of Sussex:


Step-1They need to register themselves for the scholarships via PG apply option available at the university’s Portal.


Step-2 After accepting the offer for an eligible Master’s course by the University of Sussex.


Step-3 If they applied for the university via one of their overseas representatives, then you must ask them regarding the same, to do this on your behalf.


US: Selection Process

Once you submit your application form, the scholarships evaluation panel reviews each applicant comprehensively.

  • Applicant’s chosen subject 
  • Financial Terms
  • Nationality
  • Acceptance of admissions offers


US: Award

  • Selected scholars will receive a £3,000 amount 
  • The scholarship amount will be in the form of a reduction in tuition fees.


US: Terms and Conditions 

  • Applicants must require to match the minimum eligibility criteria
  • Apply before deadline


Note: If there are any queries related to admissions or scholarships, please visit this site: or


US: Ranking 

The US is highly ranked in the majority of the UK and world league table.


Students Recruitment Services 

Sussex House

The University of Sussex,

Brighton BN 1 9RH


For General Inquiries:+441273606755



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