Teesside University: Know about Courses, Fees, Admission procedures, and Accommodations


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Teesside University is a public University located in Middlesbrough and Darlington, England, UK. It creates and uses information that helps students, partners, and communities succeed economically, socially, and culturally. The article contains the details about the University, Courses offered, Admission procedure, and Contact details.

Table of Contents

  1. Details about the College
  2. Teesside University courses, year, and fees
  3. Teesside University Admission procedure
  4. How to Apply for UCAS?
  5. Documents required
  6. Teesside University Accommodations
  7. Teesside University Contact Details


 Details about the College


The Teesside University of Middlesbrough, England was established as Constative Technical College in 1990 and later gained University status in 1992. The University is affiliated with Universities UK and University Alliance. It offers an array of routes of study resulting in the qualification of M Phil, M Prof, and D. Prof. The main motto of the University is ‘’Deed Not Words’’, and is focused on five thematic areas. The University has a range of managed residences and provides accommodation in self-centered rooms. The University has seven National Teaching Fellowships.



Teesside University


Middlesbrough and Darlington, England, UK


1930: Constantine Technical College

1969: Teesside Polytechnic

1992: Gained the University status 




Universities UK and University Alliance




‘’Deed Not Words’’



Teesside University courses, year, and fees 




Fees (First-year Tuition fees)


12 months- 2 years

Rs 5.95 L- 14.14 L


12 months- 2 years

Rs 8.29 L- 13.95 L


12 months- 2 years

Rs 7.32 L- 13.66 L

B.E/B. Tech

2- 5 years

Rs 9.51 L- 13.66 L


3- 4 years

Rs 10.49 L- 13.66 L


12 months- 2 years

Rs 8.29L- 13.66L


3 years

Rs 11.53 L-13.66 L


3- 4 years

Rs 12.68L


Teesside University Admission procedure


There are two intakes at Teesside University: in September and in January. For master’s programmes at Teesside University, admissions are available for both intakes, but only in September for bachelor’s programmes. The university has extremely competitive admissions. It has a 31 percent acceptance rate. A total of 10,282 undergraduate and 5,769 graduate students are enrolled in the university right now.


  • Enrollment of International Students: Teesside University now enrolls students from 107 different countries, including 2,200 from South Asia.


  • More than 170 postgraduate degree programmes in 28 topic areas are available through Teesside University. Along with research degrees, it also grants 250 diplomas and undergraduate degrees in about 34 different subject areas. Check out the courses at Teesside University.


  • Many scholarships and bursaries are also offered to students who hold an acceptance letter for studying at Teesside University.      


  • Dates for Admission: January 26 is the UCAS application deadline for admission to the university. The majority of the postgraduate programmes have a July 31 application deadline.


  • Within 5 to 6 weeks of the application deadline, Teesside University will disclose its admissions decisions. Email notifications of the admission decisions are sent.


Details of Application Portal: Online or UCAS

Details of Application fee: 22 GBP for one program


How to Apply for UCAS?

  • Candidates should register at the UCAS Hub before applying by providing details such as the year and level of study.
  • Students can see their UCAS HUB dashboard after enrolling.
  • To start the application process, they must click “start” on the “Your Application” tab.
  • All required questions, including those on resident status, personal circumstances, parental education, and educational background, must be answered by candidates. They are unable to skip any chapters.
  • Candidates must also explain in great detail how they intend to pay for their education.
  • To watch their progress and offer help, including adding your reference, candidates can link their applications to their schools.
  • Candidates may provide whatever employment history they may have.
  • A candidate’s application form allows them to select up to five courses.
  • Candidates must write a personal statement for UCAS which should be around 1,000 to 4,000 characters.


Documents required


  • The applicant must pass the state board exams with a score of 65%.
  • Passport size photo
  • IELTS scores, which are standardized English proficiency examinations,
  • Medical Insurance
  • Financial documentation Passport ID pages copied
  • CAS Number


Teesside University Accommodations


  • International students at Teesside University have access to on-campus housing choices as well as residences. It tries to give the students a warm, secure, and inclusive environment. The opportunity to engage and communicate with other students from other countries and cultural backgrounds is provided by living on campus.


  • On campus, students have access to 1300 halls, homes, or apartments operated by the university. Students have the option of renting rooms for 40, 45, or 50 weeks. Only when a student accepts a college’s admission offer does the application process for accommodations get underway. For incoming international UG students who apply for housing before September 1, the university will provide housing.
  • The students who have been admitted to Teesside University have access to seven halls of residence. Depending on the room fee and the needs of the students, different amenities are provided in the homes.
  • The lodging amenities of Teesside University include free WiFi, a free gym, laundry, a kitchen, a cinema room, access for people with disabilities, a 24-hour warden, and more.


Teesside University Contact Details

Teesside University 

Location: Middlesbrough, Tees Valley, TS1 3BX  UK 

Direction: Travel directions

Contact Number: 01642 218121

Email for queries:

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