The state of infrastructure in India


Megha kumari, Academic content writer of Economics at Edumarz

In earlier days only government invest in infrastructure in India. When government investment was not enough for infrastructure, then private player comes. Now private, government or a mix of both invest in infrastructure in India. 

Lapses in infrastructure in India:-

  1. In rural areas women still use bio-fuels for energy requirement. This is the case of 85% population of rural areas.
  2. In rural areas people used to travel long for water and fuels.
  3. According to census 2011 in rural India 56% households have electricity.
  4. 43% people in rural areas still use kerosene.
  5. Tap water is available to 31% of rural population.
  6. 69% people use open source water for drinking purpose.
  7. Only 30% have improved sanitation.

As infrastructure is the key to development of any country. India still lack behind in this. In India only 30% of GDP spent on infrastructure as compared to china and Indonesia.

Infrastructure is now becoming constraint in the development of the economy. As income rises investment in infrastructure also need to be developed.

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