Why is the study of origin and growth of sociology important?


-Anushree Ojha, Subject Matter Expert at Edmarz

Solution: Sociology is the study of people’s social lives, their groups, and their societies. Our own behaviour as social creatures is the subject of sociology. This is a vital subject to study in order to gain a better understanding of society as a whole. As a result, sociology helps us in comprehending the interconnectedness of sociological systems globally. It is important to research the origins and development of sociology because it helps in the creation of the subject matter according to its principles and perspectives. The study of the subject’s origins also helps us in comprehending the ideas that led to its emergence.

Sociology examines societies of various sizes, characteristics, and methods of study in order to distinguish it as a distinct field of social science. Sociology also demonstrates the new ideas that were engaged in making it a distinct subject of social science.

This concept was really helpful in bringing up the subject’s subject matter. As a result, understanding the origins and development of sociology is critical to comprehending the numerous institutions that exist in society.

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