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Who We are

Edumarz is an education firm by RTMN that strives to bring light to every dark corner of the world by providing free educational solutions. As a result, every class in society has an equal opportunity to study and improve their lives. As we all know, education is a vital human right, and we firmly think that everyone should have an equal chance in the field of education.

Edumarz offers study materials, notes, scholarship information and their counseling, career counseling, student accommodation, college information, abroad education, education loan information, personality development, current affairs, general knowledge, quiz, information about a job, books pdf, student’s voice, psychometric test, TOFEL, IELTS, and other services.

Edumarz came up with the idea of combining education into a single platform. Where students may receive free access to the best study materials for each department or subject. As we strive to build a great educational organization to provide high-quality, low-cost education.


  • Edumarz’s aim is for Student development to be fuelled by learning.
  • Education has the potential to change our world from illiteracy to literacy, from poverty to wealth, and from war to peace.
  • Learning allows us to adapt, develop, and redefine what is possible, regardless of who we are or where we are.

“As a result, access to the greatest education is a right, not a privilege.

And that is why, EDUMARZ, we are here to assist you.”


-Neha Khan (COO & Co-Founder)