A diver is able to cut through water in a swimming pool. Which property of matter does this observation show?


-Pooja Sharma, Subject matter expert at Edumarz


Matter is any substance which has mass and volume or substance which occupies some space in the universe. 

Types: There are four types of matter: Solid, Liquid, Gases and Plasma

  1. Solids are the ones whose molecules or atoms are very close,they are tightly held together and have fixed shape.
  2. Liquid are the ones whose molecules are less tightly held than solids and do not have fixed shape but take the shape of the container they are in.
  3. Gases are the ones whose molecules are more loosely held than both solids and liquids and do not have fixed shape.

Plasma is a gas with charged particles either positive or negative obtained when a gas is heated to such an extent that electrons are taken out of atoms of gaseous matter.

Since the molecules of liquid are not tightly held together(intermolecular forces), the molecules of water which are in liquid state can be easily separated apart and create space for the diver to cut through and move forward.

The similar case can be seen in the case of gases.

In case of solids the amount of energy required to separate the molecules apart is very high hence we cannot cut solids easily.

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