A doctor/nurse/health-worker is exposed to more sick people than others in the community. Find out how she/he avoids getting sick herself/himself.


-Anitha Dunga: Subject Matter Expert at Edumarz

Answer : A doctor/nurse/health-worker is more exposed to sick people but they don’t fall sick frequently, because they take the following precautions to avoid becoming sick themselves. They are

  • They wear gloves, masks and operation suits while doing surgeries, even if it is minor surgery to avoid transmission of infection.

  • They wear gloves while they are diagnosing the mouth and other parts of the body.

  • They carefully dispose of the samples of blood, urine or any other that are taken for testing.

  • They take a balanced diet, they take food that improves immunity. They ensure that diet plans have all the vitamins, minerals and other compounds that are needed for our body for its development and for its functioning.

  • They maintain a hygienic environment surrounding them. This helps them to stay healthy.

  • They clean their hands properly after they diagnose the patient and before having food. This process avoids the infection of diseases.

  • Also they get immunized for specific diseases by vaccinating. They take the vaccines against certain diseases that make them infected. Immunization done against infectious diseases.

  • Also they take the primary steps for the infection this avoid the further spreading of disease and early cure from infection

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