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Reasons to study Here

Terms and Conditions

Acceptance Rate

Departments and Faculty 



Heriot-Watt University: Introduction 


Heriot-Watt University is a public research university. The university is located in Edinburg, Scotland. It is one of the eighth oldest higher education institutes in the United Kingdom (UK). Scottish inventor James Watt, Scottish philanthropist, and goldsmith George Heriot derived the name of Heriot University. Heriot-Watt University was established in 1821 as the School of Arts of Edinburgh. Royal charter in 1966 granted the world’s first mechanics institute.

Chancellor Mr.Robert M Buchan, The Principal Mr. Richard Williams, and the Chairman of Court France’s Cairncross ruined the Heriot-Watt University

Horner established a school that provided practical knowledge of science and technology to the working men or students of Edinburg after being inspired by Andersons College in Glasgow. It was initially of modest size, giving lectures two nights a week in rented rooms. 


Watt Institution and schools of Arts:

Watt institutions marked a period of transition for the organization as its curriculum expanded to encompass various courses other than mathematics and physical science, aside from engineering and technical fields.

Time changed, and a lot of pressure from local campaigners Mary Burton, who later became the first female director of institutions in 1874, led to the decision to admit a large part of the women category.

The watt Club:


It was founded at the watt institution on 12th May 1854 and is today one of the oldest alumni organizations in the UK. The primary goal of the watt club is to promote the interests of the schools by raising funds each year to provide prizes for scholars.


Heriot-Watt University has benefited from major infrastructural projects and supporting global research to boost creativity and idea generation in the Edinburg campus.


“The main motto of Heriot University is Leaders in Ideas and Solutions.”

Heriot-Watt University: Eligibility

Candidates must fulfill the criterion for the scholarship:


  • The level or field of study is only open to undergraduate students studying in any UK university or school.
  • Provision of nationality scholarship in the UK at the Heriot-Watt University.
  • Criteria are based on candidates’ or fellows’ academic merit and financial backwardness and are considered for the higher value of a scholarship.
  • Candidates/Fellows must have an offer of a place to study with Heriot-Watt University in the UK.


A successful scholarship will benefit only you when falling into these categories:


    •   Heriot-Watt Merit Scholarship-25% reduction 
  •   Heriot-Watt Excellence scholarship- 50%reduction
  •   Heriot-Watt Distinction Scholarship- 100% reduction (maximum of five scholarships in total)


Note: To be a part of this university, you must know the English language.

Test your English language proficiency on an IELTS test.

Heriot-Watt University: Application 

  • Once you get an offer of a place in the UK (On-Campus), you must visit Application Portal.
  • Complete the form before the deadline.


Note: Distance Learning Programmes are not eligible for the scholarship.

Heriot-Watt University: Reason to study here

  • It is Global because Heriot-Watt has five campuses in the UK, Dubai, and Malaysia.
  • It focused on education and employment as 90% of students get into the placement or further studies within six months of graduation. Spouse received excellent support when it comes to finding a career from Heriot-Watt University because they create job-ready graduates who go on to achieve successful careers ahead in their life. Spouse results speak for themselves, with golden graduate outcomes.
  • Heriot-Watt provides world-leading research, excellent facilities, and also a highly rated teaching.


Heriot-watt University: Terms and Conditions

Online payment through debit or credit card is accepted. Installment payment method is also provided. It must be done by credit or debit card that you are using on the online payment facility. In recurring card payment, it should be initiated by the University to collect the amount due under the installment terms.

Data protection is one of the most important parts and it is the student’s responsibility or payer making payment to make sure that all personal data provided to the service is clear and accurate.

Pen down that The University can use the personal information provided to it to contact the spouse or payer making payment to resolve any issues.

If a case student leaves the university before completing her theme subject then the refund of tuition fees will be made in line with the University tuition fee refund policies that can be prevailing at any time the student leaves. In refund of accommodation fees will be determined in the accommodation terms and conditions and it should be signed by the students on acceptance of University or University-arranged accommodation. It will be applicable, and can only be credited back to the debit/credit card that is used for the original transaction, and within 90 days payment will be credited back to the payer’s account once they will share their account details.

It’s the spouse’s responsibility to check that after making an online immediate payment they received their confirmation mail or not. Within 14 days they didn’t receive any information. 


Heriot-Watt Acceptance rate:

In the year 2014 Heriot-watt was named in REF in the top 25% of UK universities and Universities with 82% of our research ranked as the world-leading is excellent, and also ranked 9th university in the UK and placed 1st in Scotland for research impact. Within 2-years in February 2017 almost 13,700 students were enrolled on Heriot-Watt’s campus, and the university had a ratio of 41:59 Female: Male.


Heriot-Watt University comes up with six different schools and these are:


  • The School of Energy, Geoscience, Infrastructure, and society
  • The school of Life science 
  • The school of Management and languages 
  • The School of Mathematical and computer sciences 
  • The school of Textiles and Design 
  • Edinburgh Business school


Heriot-Watt University:Department and Faculty 

Heriot-watt university gives a very peaceful learning environment striving to achieve its goals.

The teaching quality is beyond your expectations because Heriot-Watt University hires highly qualified professors with  industrial experience and provides a link to the industry. Which  creates opportunities for a spouse to support their excellence and help them to achieve their learning skills.


Heriot-Watt University: Ranking 

The world-Class university is independently confirmed: 

University gets ranked 13th in the times higher education world for excellence performance indicators to exams universities all of their core missions-teaching, research and for international outlook.Worldwide, it gets top-ranked 400(351-400)

In the world, Heriot-Watt gets ranked 41st and in the UK 15th and runs 3rd in Scotland for the international outlook.


All the scores or ranks are based on the level of the university staff, co-authorship of academic papers, and, most importantly, the spouse or fellow who is studying here.


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