A man with blood group A marries a woman with blood group O and their daughter has blood group O. Is this information enough to tell you which of the traits – blood group A or O – is dominant 



Solution:No, the given information is not enough to answer this question. A woman with blood group O contains both homozygous (OO) and heterozygous (AO) genotypes. A man with blood group A also has homozygous (AA) and heterozygous (AO) genotypes. In humans, blood groups A, B, and ABO are considered dominant and O as recessive.


Blood groups 

Four types of blood groups are found.This includes blood group A,B,AB and O and this forms the ABO system

  • Blood group A-It contains A antigens and anti-B antibodies

  • Blood group B-It contains B antigens and anti-A antibodies

  • Blood group O-It contains no antigens but presence of both anti-A and anti-B antibodies

  • Blood group AB-It contains both A and B antigens and no antibodies are present 

People having blood group A is called as universal blood donor and people having blood group AB+ve is called as universal acceptor

Blood donation

  • For donating blood you should be healthy

  • You also require minimum 50 kilograms of weight

Advantages of blood donation

  • It saves many lives

  • Free health consultation for donor

  • Identification of serious diseases

  • It increases production of blood cell in donor

  • It is also a social service to society

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