A study found that children with light coloured eyes are likely to have parents with light coloured eyes. On this basis, can we say anything about whether the light eye colour trait is dominant or recessive ? Why or why not ?


Gunpreet, Subject Matter Expert at Edumarz

Answer: According to the rules of inheritance, we acquire our characteristics from our parents and both father and mother contribute an equal amount of genetic material to their child. Thus light-coloured eyes children have acquired this trait from their light-coloured eyes. However, it can not be said with certainty whether light eye colour is a dominant or recessive trait. However, there are more chances of light eye colour being a recessive trait. If light eye colour is a dominant trait then both parents must be homozygous dominant only, because heterozygous dominant parents can transmit recessive dark colour to their children. Also, the genotype of parents or children is not given, so it becomes difficult to predict whether light eye colour is dominant or recessive. Data of only two generations is given, however, at least three generations are required to predict the genotype of traits. From the above facts, we can say it is not possible to find the dominant or recessive nature of light eye colour. 

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