A ‘Swachh Vidyalaya — Swachh Bharat’ campaign was organized in your school. Write a report in about 150-200 words highlighting the main features of the campaign.


                                                  Swach Vidyala, Swach Bharat

                                                                   By XYZ

                                                               ABC School.


13th January 2022, Delhi; On 12th January 2022, an incredible workshop was held at ABC School. The school organised a campaign on the importance of cleanliness in which students participated with great excitement. A whole day was spent understanding that Clean School also means Clean India which was considered the campaign’s main aim. Students were made to rally around the school area to spread awareness. They were also made to help the cleaning staff clean the school premises and the use of dustbins in disposing of waste was taught to the students. A drawing competition was held to convey how cleanliness was an important part of human lives, the best of them were used in the rally. Teachers were also an essential part of the campaign and guided students in various activities. Children showed utmost dedication in participation. 

At the end of the campaign, the Principal gave a speech on the importance of cleanliness. 

The campaign was a great initiative to involve students in the awareness.

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