As compared to the older generation the youth of today are greatly inclined to pursue adventurous activities either for money or for fun. There is a latest craze for joining reality shows, rafting, rock climbing, mountaineering etc. Write an article in 150-200 words on which life you would prefer—safe or adventurous.


-Yogita, Academic Content Writer

                                                      “Which Life Would You Prefer—

                                                               Safe or Adventurous ?”                                                                                                                                                     By:- Abc

Adventurous life has attracted youth a lot and it has become the fastest-growing charm. It results due to either fun or money. That is why adventure tourism has grown in decades. Adventure life excites and rejuvenates a man so, more and more youth are fascinated by it. Experiencing life in the lap of natural rock climbing, river rafting, jungle safari, mountaineering, skiing, etc. is a different experience. Now-a-day’s adventure tour operators are flourishing only because of the increasing popularity of adventurous trips by people. They enjoy new experiences and seek out thrills, but it involves risk equally. These activities signify danger and attract people who are ready to gamble their safety. They risk their lives in search of a rush of excitement or an unusual accomplishment. Reality shows have also prompted our youth to participate in risky adventurous games by promising fabulous prizes and stardom. Some people try these stunts at home, putting their lives in extreme danger. It is impossible to understand why people engage in such activities.


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