Can the wing of a butterfly and the wing of a bat be considered homologous organs ? Why or why not ?


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Solution:No,we can’t consider the wing of a butterfly and the wing of a bat as homologous organs.This is because the basic structure of the formation of wings is not the same in butterflies and bats.The wings of bats are skin folds present between their elongated fingers, and these are also supported by bones.But the wing of a butterfly is supported by a membrane.Bats and butterflies use wings for a common function, which is flying.The basic design, structure, and components are entirely different in both bats and butterflies and they do not have a common ancestor.This is the reason both these structures are considered analogous organs.


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Homologous organs

Different organisms show similarity in structure due to their common ancestral origin and these similar structures are termed as homologous organs.

Example:The basic structure of limbs in birds,reptiles,and amphibians show similarity in structure but these structures are modified to perform different functions.

Analogous organs

Organisms show differences in their structure but perform the same function.These structures also do not have a common ancestral origin.These structures are called analogous organs.

Example:Wings of birds and bats

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