Can you find illustrative examples of conflict drawn from Indian society? Discuss the causes that led to conflict in each instance


-Mamta Dey, Subject matter expert, Edumarz.

Solution: Conflict is a dissociative social process in which one person or a group feels that others have conflicting interests and tries to contract with them. Conflicts between groups elicit a variety of social and cognitive responses. These processes harden each side’s position, resulting in in-group polarisation. This could lead to the establishment of a coalition of like-minded parties, heightening both parties’ fears. To name a few, these are tied to caste, class, religion, geography, and language.

The following are some of the conflicts that have happened in Indian society:

  1. Caste-based conflict: This conflict exists between traditionally superior and inferior communities, and it has also resulted in violent battles. With the help of education, people have become more aware of the injustice created by the caste system, and disputes have been reduced.

2. The Kashmir conflict: This is the most serious Indo-Pak disagreement over disputed territory. India considers Kashmir to be an intrinsic part of its territory, whilst Pakistan wishes to claim Kashmir as its own. Kashmiri autonomous movements, on the other hand, think that Kashmir should be free of both India and Pakistan. This is a dispute over land.

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