Can you identify any ideas or theories which have led to the formation of social movements in India in recent times?


-Anushree Ojha, Subject Matter Expert at Edumarz

Solution: Many social theories have been at the heart of India’s post-independence social movements. These include socialism, feminism, and environmentalist theories. Backward classes have fought for economic justice through socialist groups. The objective of socialism is also recognised in the preamble of India’s Constitution. 

Dalits and tribals have joined socio-political movements to gain political power based on the concepts of nineteenth- and twentieth-century social reform movements. These people have been exploited since the beginning of time and are now attempting to reclaim their rightful place in society. Feminism aims to equalise the roles of men and women in society.With varying degrees of success, feminist movements have fought stereotypes and worked to achieve women’s rights at home and at work. 

People’s environmental and social concerns have been merged by environmental movements, which have been overshadowed by developmental concerns. Most of these movements are associated with Gandhian ideas of peaceful agitation and simple life. With challenges like climate change and related costs, especially for developing nations, environmentalism has recently become a key emphasis among societal concerns. The Chipko movement, the Appiko movement, the Narmada Bachao Andolan, and Silent Valley conservation are all major socio-environmental movements in India.

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