Can you think of reasons why more complex organisms cannot give rise to new individuals through regeneration?


Kumudinee, Subject Matter Expert at Edumarz.

Solution: in the process of regeneration a particular type of tissue or cell can give rise to its own kind only through mitosis.

Complex organisms are composed of many different types of cells, tissue and organ systems. 

Regeneration of different tissues from once is impossible

Organisation of complex organisms: 

  • Complex organisms cannot give rise to whole organisms by regeneration as the differentiation of tissue in different organs in the body.

  • Higher organisms have complex body organisation consisting of various organs like heart, liver, brain and each has assigned different functions hence their tissue and cell structure is completely different from each other.

  • Specialization of a cell is carried out by turning on and off particular genes within the genome of that cell and hence it is impossible for a cell to give rise to a complete organism by regeneration.

  • Many proteins and regulators are involved in  production of cells and gene regulation plays a vital role during differentiation of tissues

  • All the different organs are coordinated simultaneously by the brain and spinal cord. 

  • Few body tissues can be regenerated into their own kind for example skin and muscles etc but regeneration of the whole organism is not possible. 

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