Characteristics of Business Activities- 

  • Economic activity- Business activities involve all the economic activities of production and distribution of goods and services for satisfying the needs and wants of the consumers.
  • Helps in economic growth- Business activities provide employment and source of income to the society, which leads to the economic growth of the country. 
  • Purchasing and selling- To make available goods and services to the society, the business has to purchase the raw materials, property, plants, machinery etc. Business sells the finished goods to the final consumer.
  • Continuous process- Business is a continuous process as it has to fulfill the demand of the consumers consistently. A continuous improvement strategy should be followed to gain growth and revenue.
  • Profit Maximization- One of the main motives of the business is to gain profit by business activities. Profit is required to expand and grow the business.
  • Dynamic and social activity- Every business has to be very creative and dynamic for survival and growth. Along with that business should also perform social responsibilities.


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