Compare and contrast nervous and hormonal mechanisms for control and coordination in animals


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Solution: Nervous system and hormonal system are two main required events that the body needs to control and coordinate the other organs and body parts. The nervous system help us to communicate and helps in transmitting signals 

On the contrary, hormones diffuse through the plasma membrane and then bind to receptors.

                Nervous system

                Hormonal system

Nervous system consists of nerve impulses between the central nervous, Peripheral nervous system ,brain and rest of the body part.

Hormonal systems consist of endocrine systems ( glands ) which produce and secrete hormones directly in the blood. 

Nerve impulses are not specific in action.

Hormonal system is specific in action

Nervous system is quick as signal travels along the neurons

Hormonal system is slow as compared to the nervous system. Signals transmitted through blood. 

Signals are transferred in the form of electrical impulses and the effects are short lived.

Signals are distributed in the form of chemicals called hormones and the effects are prolonged.

Eg. spinal cord 


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