Compulsory value-based education is the only remedy for inculcating values among the future citizens of the country. This will also help in the prevention of crime in the country. Write an article in 150-200 words on the need of compulsory value-based education.



                                       The need for compulsory  value-based education


Modern-day education is not a value-based education because it teaches kids only the academic content. A value-based education educates students with the important qualities needed for a person to live a good life. A value-based always gives importance to the character of the students rather than knowledge of students. A value-based education shapes character of students by teaching them about honesty, patience, forgiving tendency, and tolerance. A value-based education does not focus only on victories but teaches the students how to manage failure, how to overcome failure step by step. Today’s education system does not teach such qualities and that is why many students are committing suicide for failing exams since they do not know to manage and overcome failure. In those days students will respect their teacher even if they harsh punishments from their teacher. But today students are murdering their teachers for giving them punishments because of not teaching value-based education.

Only a value-based education will reduce the rate of crimes in the country by producing good citizens for the development of our country. This is because value-based education implants good thoughts in students not only the academic content.

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