Strong infrastructure helps a country and its corporations to compete while alleviating people from poverty. Infrastructure plays a vital role in India’s growth and it also plays a part in the socio-economic development. Roads, ports and airports are needed to grow in a good manner led by government investments, bold policy initiatives which will be mainly for private participation and development of skills. The government has also shown some initiative in order to tackle the infrastructure deficit of the country. In the recent times, India has seen some great growth in building better roads. The country has also gone into agreement with countries such as USA, Japan and Israel so that necessary infrastructure can be made use of in important areas. Now the central government is also projecting to invest more than 700 billion dollars in railways by the end of the current decade. Now the aviation sector has been seeing great growth in this year, there has been the disinvestment of AIR INDIA, a launch of an airline, AKASA are some of the pointers of strong market dynamics. The government had announced transport infrastructure of more than 30 billion dollars in the last year’s Union Budget.

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