Cultural Society Sunshine Public School, Nellore organised an Adult Literacy Camp in its neighbourhood. Write a report in 150-200 words on the camp for your school newsletter. You are P.V. Sunitha, Secretary. Use the following clues: no. of volunteers – hours spent in teaching – location of the class – chairs, blackboards – no. of people attending the camp – benefit.


                                                                Adult Literacy Camp 

                                                                     By PV Sunitha. 

                                                             Sunshine Public School. 

31st January 2022, Nellore. On 30th January 2022 Cultural society of Sunshine Public School organized an Adult Literacy Camp. This was a brand new initiative taken by the school.The purpose of this camp was to spread awareness and education by instructing Adults without any charges. Different topics were taught by 100 volunteers who participated and visited various places, mostly villages. A temporary class was constructed at each location; chairs and blackboards were set up.The camp lasted for ten days. A large number of people gathered to attend the classes, a report said almost 5000 people have visited our classrooms from all around Nellore. All the people who attended the camp were happy and informed the team that they got to know different things about the world and also their own culture.

The camp was happy leaving everyone satisfied with all the work they had done. The school looks forward to taking sendeavoursvors in future as well.  

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