Describe in your own words what you understand by the term ‘ecology’.


-Mamta Dey,Subject matter expert, Edumarz

Solution:The term ‘ecology‘ refers to the complex web of physical and biological systems and processes that humans are a part of.

Ecology includes mountains, rivers, plains, and oceans, as well as the flora and animals that they support.

Ecology encompasses a diverse range of interacting levels of organisation, ranging from micro-level (cells) to planetary scale (biosphere) events. Abiotic resources and interacting life forms, for example, are found in ecosystems (i.e., individual organisms that aggregate into populations which aggregate into distinct ecological communities). Ecosystems are dynamic; they do not necessarily follow a linear successional course, but they are always evolving, sometimes quickly, sometimes slowly enough that ecological processes can take thousands of years to bring about particular forest successional phases.

The interaction of a place’s geography and hydrology has an impact on its ecological. Desert plants and animals, for example, have adapted to the desert’s limited rainfall, rocky or sandy soils, and severe temperatures.

Environmental variables limit and shape how humans can live in any given location.

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