Describe the various steps involved in conducting a scientific enquiry.


esearch adopt for a formal procedure, following are the steps included –

  1. Conceptualising the problem 

  • The scientific enquiry starts with selecting a theme and then narrowing down the focus of the research and developing a specific research question. 

  • After the problem is identified then you tend to develop a tentative statement that may be true or not. Its called developing a Hypothesis. 

  1. Collecting data 

  • Data collection is actually creating and constructing the blueprint of the entire enquiry or study. 

  • This step is basically include  3 different decisions  – number of participants, methods of data collection and tools used in the research. 

  • According to the nature of research, researcher can decide number of participants and who would be the participants like college going students , adolocents or other. Then researcher will select the method that suits best out of numerous methods like – observation,case study , observation etc. Then researcher will decide what tools they will select for the study purpose ( interview, schedule etc).

  1. Drawing conclusions 

  • In this step the data collected is being analysed and is presented and arranged in the form of picto-graphical representations. Researchers may choose any way including pie charts, bar diagrams etc for representing their data. Purpose of this analysis is nothing more than verifying the hypothesis that you made in the starting.

  1. Revising research conclusions

  • In starting researcher started with a hypothesis now its the time to actually look that if the conclusions go along with the hypothesis or not.

  • If they do the existing hypothesis is siad to be confirmed, if not then researcher may revise the hypothesis and again test the data and draw conclusions. 

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