Differentiate between (a) a psychologist and a psychiatrist (b) a counsellor and a clinical psychologist.





  1. They provide only therapies and deal with problems like stress anxiety fear etc 

  1. They can even provide medications to the patients which psychologists cannot do .

  1. They cannot prescribe medications and cannot felicitate shock therapy to the patients.

2. Medicine prescriptions + shock and other medications therapies in need.

  1. They have a degree in psychology and intensive training in treating people with disorders 

3.  They have a medical degree with specialised training in treating people with disorders.



Clinical psychologist 

  1. Counselling aims to improve the everyday functioning of people by helping them and solving their problems. These include problems that are less intense.

  1. They deal with the diagnosis of disorders and their treatment including therapies 

  1. They work with students etc advice them about the life .

2.  They deal with patients with disorders and study the causes , treatment and prevention.

  1. They possess a degree in psychology with a specialisation in counselling Examples – career counsellors, family counsellors etc

3. Clinical psychologists possess degree in psychology with a specialisation in clinical diagnosing of patients and their treatment along with prevention.

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