Discuss how there is greater give and take amount discipline today.


-Anushree Ojha, Subject Matter Expert at Edmarz

Solution : The give and take disciplines are described farther down-

Sociology is a study that investigates how historical, political, and economic policies affect society in the form of social behaviour, social institutions, social policies, and programmes.

Political science is the study of a country’s politics. The political climate, policies, and other factors have an impact on society and the economy. Political science and sociology have shared research interests. Political sociology is primarily concerned with the study of political behaviour and relations among diverse organisations. Studies have been undertaken to better understand the sociological causes for political party support, the role of gender in politics, the decision-making process in organisations, and etc.

The economy is a branch of economics that investigates economic activities, policies, and other factors that are influenced by political policies and societal requirements. The sociological method examines economic behaviour and activities in the context of social norms, practises, values, and interests. Due to the broad and critical perspectives of both sociology and economics, the field of economic sociology has also been introduced.

History has always been distinct from sociology as a topic. Historians have begun to use sociological tools and concepts to better comprehend social issues, gender relations, conventions, and other key historical institutions.

Psychology is the study of human behaviour. Individual behaviour has an impact on society, and society has an impact on individual behaviour, making sociology and psychology interconnected. This has given rise to the field of social psychology, which investigates the individual’s principal interest by studying his or her behaviour in social groups.

Sociology examines complex societies, whereas anthropologists study simple societies. Sociologists are interested in social anthropology and cultural anthropology. Anthropology is frequently seen as sociology’s younger sister.

Politics, the economy, and society are all intertwined and influenced by one another. As a result, these three disciplines must be studied simultaneously. As a result, social science disciplines such as anthropology, economics, political science, history, and psychology are interconnected because they share common interests, concepts, and methodologies.

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