Discuss the different tasks that demand cooperation with reference to agricultural or industrial operations.


-Mamta Dey, Subject matter expert, Edumarz

Solution: Cooperation is a social activity that entails working together. Cooperation is extremely vital in today’s society. It involves individuals or groups working together to achieve their individual or collective goals. Cooperation is a universal and continuous process. It involves sympathy, empathy and capacity to unite people. It fulfills member’s physical and psychosocial needs. “Solidarity is fundamental to comprehend collaboration in society,” writes Durkheim. The idea of cooperation rests on certain assumptions about human’s behaviors. According to Durkheim, the role of division of labor which implies cooperation which is precisely to fulfill certain needs of society.

He’s broken it down into –

Mechanical Solidarity is a type of togetherness that is built on resemblance. The majority of people in society lead similar lifestyles with little specialization , which is related to age and gender. These individuals are brought together by a shared belief, shared sentiments, and a shared conscience and consciousness.It is a simple society where people are dependent on each other unlike the modern industrial society.

Organic Solidarity – This type of solidarity is based on the division of labor and comes from the interdependence of society’s members. Specialization brings with it a sense of dependency. Industrialisation is more about specialization and is linked to unity, which necessitates both cooperation and coordination without which achieving the desired goal is impossible.

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