Discuss the kind of rights that exist in your society. How do they affect your life?


-Anushree Ojha, Subject Matter Expert at Edmarz

Solution : Kinds of Rights –

Civil rights: The right to knowledge, the right to education, the freedom of speech, the freedom to practise religion, and the right to food security are just a few of the civil rights that all citizens of a democratic India have.

Social rights: Every Indian citizen has the right to a basic level of welfare and security, including health benefits. Minimum wages, old-age benefits, or work allowances, especially for those living below the poverty line.

Political rights include the right to vote and freedom of expression.

In industrialised western countries, welfare rights refer to social security.

India, the world’s largest democracy and a welfare state, has granted the above-mentioned rights to its citizens.

The structure, makeup, and functioning of Indian society have all changed as a result of these rights. People are more confident, politically knowledgeable, and developed as a result of freedom, equality, freedom of expression, faith, and religion. Social rights provide poor individuals with the opportunity to receive an education, maintain good health, and receive minimum wages, which protect them against exploitation. People with the right to franchise are the true kingmakers. Indians have the right to choose their government as a result of this right.

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