Discuss two different approaches to study cultural change.


-Mamta Dey, Subject matter expert Edumarz

Solution: Cultural change refers to when society changes over a while. Society takes up new cultural traits, behavioral norms, and values and creates a new social structure.

Cultural change can be understood with the help of two approaches.

  1. Evolutionary changes: people transform gradually over a while. The changes come slowly through time. E.g.: the evolutionary changes of education over the period. The teaching which was oral gradually changed after the discovery of paper. With modernization, new education systems were introduced and industrialization had led to the coming up of gadgets like computers and the internet.
  2. Revolutionary changes: When a culture is transformed rapidly and its values and meaning undergo major and extreme changes. Compared to evolutionary changes revolutionary changes take place faster through political intervention. After the protest against the sati practice by Raja Ram Mohan Roy a new law was passed against the sati practice

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