Discuss what these phrases mean to you:


Shreya Jain, Subject Matter Expert at Edumarz

1. a yellow wood

2. it was grassy and wanted wear

3. the passing here

4. leaves no step had trodden black

5. how way leads on to way

i) A yellow wood means the season of autumn. Autumn also matches with old age. The poet symbolically is talking about the later stages of life.

ii) It means that the road was full of grass and very few people have used it. That’s why it was a smooth road which has not worn out.

iii) It means the use of the path by the passerby.

iv) The leaves have not changed their color and hadn’t turned black because fewer people had walked upon them. It represented a path one has never taken in life because of the fear of doubt.

v) This phrase means how certain decisions and choices made by one could lay the way for future decisions.

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