Diversity in Living Organisms



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  • Multiple local names makes it difficult for us to identify the organisms globally so a biological system is needed for naming of the organisms. Therefore, Nomenclature is a biological system for naming the organisms.

  • Nomenclature is a protocol through which each and every organism would have one scientific name which would be used by everyone to identify the organism.

Binomial Nomenclature.

  • Carl Linnaeus introduced the system of nomenclature.

  • In the method of Binomial nomenclature, each species is given a name consisting of two words.

  • Every living organism (plants or animals) would have their own scientific names.

  • For example, Name of humans is Homo sapiens, Name of mango is Mangifera indica.

Rules for Binomial Nomenclature

  • All biologists over the world agreed upon one two international codes for the naming protocol.

  • International code of botanical nomenclature (ICBN) : It deals with the biological nomenclature of plants.

  • International code for Zoological Nomenclature (ICZN) : It deals with the biological nomenclature of animals.

  •  The role of these codes is to make sure that each organism gets a specific name and that name is globally recognised.

  • All the scientific names of the organisms are Latin. Hence, always written in italics.

  • The naming follows certain norms. Each name has two parts.

  1. Generic name – it is the name of the genus.

  2. Specific epithet – it is the name of the species.

  • Genus name is written in capital letters and species name is written in small letters.

  • When hand-written these names should be underlined and italicized if typed.

  • For example, the Panthera tigris is the scientific name of tiger.Panthera’ represent genus and ‘tigris’ represent the species

Significance of Binomial Nomenclature

  • It helps in easy identification of an organism all over the world.

  • It helps in keeping a track of the number of species.

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