Draw a labelled diagram of the longitudinal section of a flower?


Bhawna Bhardwaj,Subject matter expert at Edumarz

Solution-Flowers are the main reproductive part of the plant.Flower has reproductive as well as non reproductive parts also.

Pedicel is the stalk of the flower.

The flower has four main whorls-

  •  Calyx

  • Corolla

  • Androecium

  • Gynoecium

1.Calyx-The outermost whorl of the flower is calyx. It consists of sepals.Sepals are green leaf like structures .

The function of sepals is to protect the flower in its initial bud stages.

2.Corolla-Next whorl after the calyx is corolla,Corolla is the colourful whorl of the flower.Corolla consists of petals.Petals are colourful structures which helps in attracting the pollinating insects.

3.Androecium-It is the flower’s male reproductive part.The stamens are the androecium’s basic units. The male reproductive organ of the flower is the stamen.Stamen consists of two parts,one is anther and the other is filament.The anther contains pollen grains.Filament is the stalk like structure.

4.Gynoecium-It is the flower’s female reproductive part. Carpel is the gynoecium’s basic unit.Female reproductive organ of the flower is the carpet..Each carpel consists of three parts –

  1.   Stigma 

  2.   Style 

  3.   Ovary

    Stigma is the landing platform for pollen grains.

    Style is the stalk-like structure which acts as a connecting like between stigma and  ovary.

     Ovary is the basal bulged part of the carpel.

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