Due to the globalization of food industry and fast food culture, traditional healthy diets are increasingly being replaced by unhealthy junk food containing artificial additives and preservative chemicals. Write an article in 150-200 words for a national daily on the need for inculcating healthy dietary habits.


-M.RANJITH KUMAR, Academic Content Writer


                             The need for inculcating healthy dietary habits


Foods that possess no nutrients are called junk foods. Today, people suffer from chronic diseases like Diabetes, Cancer because of the increased intake of processed,  chemical-added, unhealthy junk foods. Many Doctors warn people not to eat such foods but, people never give their ears to them. People buy and eat such foods knowing that they are harmful to health. It shows that people are not worried about their health while purchasing junk food and, they become cautious about their health only after getting the disease. Today few doctors are advising to consume more vegetables than tablets for their cure. Few Doctors recommend this because we get nutrients to our body by eating vegetables not, by tablets. Many people who have followed the above doctor’s recommendation have cured themselves of diseases like diabetes, cancer and, kidney failure. Their testimonies are available on youtube. If people watch those testimonies on youtube, they will automatically practice good eating habits to get rid of the disease. They follow good eating habits because they have learned from their mistake. 

Today lot of people waste huge sums of money in hospitals by the mistake which they did knowingly. If people avoid eating junk foods there would be no hospitals in our world because if people eat natural foods they won’t get any disease because it is our medicine.

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