Energy and Source of energy


Megha kumari, Academic content writer of Economics at Edumarz

Energy is consider very important in the development of a nation. Earlier industries need energy for different purpose. But now in agriculture  on a large scale need it. Energy is required in houses for cooking, household lighting and heating. 

Different sources of energy are:-

  1. Conventional source of energy :- These include commercial and non commercial source of energy.
  • Commercial source: These sources of energy are exhaustible and can’t be renewed. These are used for commercial purpose. Example- coal, petroleum, natural gas and electricity.
  • Non-commercial source of energy: These source of energy are renewable. These are available in nature and at free of cost. Generally used for domestic purpose. Example- Firewood, agriculture waste and dried dung.

2. Non- conventional source of energy :- These include solar energy, wind energy and tidal power.

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