Energy (Power/ Electricity)


Electricity connotes to the energy made through the energy forms which are converted such as mechanical, chemical or thermal energy. Electricity can be utilized for several purposes such as for lighting, operations of computers and entertainment applications. It is also put into utilization for umpteen other purposes such as applications of industrial heating, space heating, cooking and railway traction. 

Electricity features the current or the flow of electric charge and voltage of charge to energy delivery. For given value of power there is a mixture of voltage and current values. If the Direct Current (DC) is utilized, the electric charge is in the same direction through device using the power. If Alternating Current (AC) IS being utilized, the electric charge will go back and forth through the wires connected to it. For most of the applications, either of the currents can be utilized, but the Alternating Current (AC) is used more around the world as it has a higher efficiency due to which generation and distribution is possible. A direct current is utilized mostly in industrial applications such as electrometallurgical, electroplating and for most of the electronic devices.

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