Explain the difference between matriliny and matriarchy.


Solution :  The difference between matriliny and matriarchy are as follows –


  • In Meghalaya’s Khasi, Jaintia, and Garo tribes, as well as Kerala’s Nayyar families, property is passed down from mother to daughter, while control is passed down from maternal uncle to nephew. 
  • It means that a woman inherits property from her mother and passes it on to her daughter, whereas a man controls the property of his sister and passes it on to his sister’s son.
  • Men experience tremendous role conflict as a result of this matriliny because they are torn between their responsibilities to their own house on the one hand and their commitments to their wife and children on the other-“Should I give more attention to my family or my sister’s family?”

This role conflict exists for both men and women.Men are the de facto power holders, and she has just nominal authority. Despite matriliny, men have authority.


  • Women exercise authority and play a dominant role in matriarchal society.
  • In practice, it is simply a theoretical term because it never permits women to have true dominating authority.
  • In reality, it does not exist in matrilineal households.

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