Explain the need and type of land reforms implemented in the agricultural sector.


Land Reforms were needed to remove the intermediaries like zamindars and to make tillers the owners of land, so that incentives are directly consumed by tillers for production and capital investment.The measure of abolition of middle people was adopted to make direct connection between genuine farmers and government, and to pass forest, waste land, and so on to state government.

  • Land Tenure System: There were three kinds of land tenure system in particular, the Zamindari System, the Mahalwari System and the Ryotwari System predominant in the Indian agriculture sector at the time of independence. The basic and common component of these three system was that the land was mostly cultivated by the tenants and the land incomes were paid by them to their landowners. This prompted the abuse of tenants in the form of exorbitant rents.

  • Size of Land Holdings: The size of land property possessed by the farmers was little. Furthermore, the land property were divided. This discouraged the utilization of modern techniques.

  • Avoiding Intermediaries: The prime focus of land reforms was to nullify go-betweens like Zamindars, Jagirdars, and so forth. There were numerous measures undertaken to make the tillers, the proprietors of the land.

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