Explain what the reasons for the following are.


(i) Einstein leaving the school in Munich for good.

(ii) Einstein wanting to study in Switzerland rather than in Munich.

(iii) Einstein seeing in Mileva an ally.(iv) What do these tell you about Einstein?

Snehal, subject matter expert at Edumarz

(i) Einstein left the school because he started feeling unhandy with the school’s governance. According to him, the school was not compatible with accepting the abstractions of new ideas.

(ii) Einstein wanted to study in Switzerland rather than in Munich because Nazis took complete control over Germany and he wanted to study in peaceful and liberal city. 

(iii) Einstein found in Mileva an ally because she had equally intellectual stimulation like him. She used to admire art, literature and music.

(iv) These facts demonstrate that he was a philanthropist who loved freedom and peace.

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