Find out about the traditional systems of water harvesting management in your region.


Bhawna Bhardwaj,Subject matter expert at Edumarz

Solution- Water Harvesting systems are different from region to region. Water harvesting methods of rural areas are different from the water harvesting methods of urban areas.

Traditional methods in rural areas-

  •  In high rainfall areas, rainwater from rooftops is collected into water storage tanks from where water is diverted to some abandoned well or lifted by using a hand pump.

  • In foothill areas, spring water is collected into water storage embankments.

  • In ancient times, rainwater was collected in talabs, johar’s,hauz, etc. to be used in dry periods.

In urban areas, the main source of water is groundwater. Rainwater is harvested through borewells and stored in water tanks. Then stored water is provided to the public by pipes in a very systematic way.

Significance of rainwater harvesting

1. It reduces run-off loss and avoids flooding.

2. It meets the increasing water demand.

3. It reduces contamination of groundwater and raises the water table.

4. Reduces power consumption.

5. It improves soil moisture and decreases soil erosion.

6. It supplements groundwater supplies during the lean period.

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