Find out the source of water in your regions/locality. Is water from this source available to all people living in that area ?


Bhawna Bhardwaj,Subject matter expert at Edumarz

Solution-Our region’s water comes from a river that runs through the city and some tube wells dug in various locations. After the proper treatment, river water and tube-well water are delivered to dwellings via taps. Though these sources provide water to all residents in the area, it is not available in sufficient quantities everywhere. Water scarcity is common, and it becomes most acute during the hot summer months. Water is also obtained directly from wells in several settlements on the fringes of the city.


Water is a renewable resource. All physiological processes of plants and animals require water to survive. Freshwater resources are exhaustible, however, it is being made available again and again by oceans through the water cycle.

Sources of freshwater-

Underground Water availability has decreased due to-

1. Loss of vegetation cover

2. Pollution from industrial wastes

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