What is an article?

  • The word article is derived from the latin word articulus.
  • The meaning of the word article is fitting together.
  • An article is nothing but fitting together of known or collected factual information in written form.

Why do we write an article?

  •  We write an article to make others become familiar about a certain topic in written form.    
  •  For example, you are the only person who knows to make a cake in your class and your teacher knows about it.
  •  So your teacher invites you to the stage and asks to teach your friends on how  to make a cake.
  •  So you explained the entire process of making the cake to your friends.
  • After your explaination ,most of your friends cannot remember all the points you explained.So they are suggesting you to give all the points on how to make a cake in a wriitten form like an article. 
  • Since you dont know to write an article your asking your teacher’s help to write an article 
  • And your teacher gives the following format to write the article.

Format to write an article:    

  • Write a catchy title to attract the readers.
  • Write the name of the person who writes the article and the date..
  • Give an introduction about the cake your going to make.
  • List the ingredients to make the cake 
  • Explain the step by step procedure to bake a cake.
  •  After baking the cake explain about the characteristics of the cake.
  • Talk about the taste of the cake,positives and negatives.
  • End with a conclusion by telling viewers to try the cake.

Article written by following the guidelines:

                                   How to bake a cake at home easily

                 Rahul Sinha

                 29 Nov 2021

         Everyone loves the cake from kids to adult. Since people think cakes are difficult to bake at home,they buy the cake from the shops.But the truth is cakes can be easily baked at home. Here is the procedure to bake the cake easily at home.

The ingredients that you need to bake a cake are flour,eggs,butter,sugar,salt,milk and baking soda,vanilla.      

Pre heat the oven to 350 degree celsius.Take a round cake pan and appy the butter.Stir three cups of flour.Add egg,sugar,salt and butter to the flour.Add milk and stir the cake until it looks like a batter.Now keep the batter in the oven and it until it turns golden brown.After it turns golden brown remove the cake from the oven and apply the vanilla cream over the cake.  

Now the cake is complete with attractive colours on it. Now when you cut the cook it goes like butter through the knife this shows the softness of the cake.When you taste the it will melt like ice and you can feel the flavour of vanilla.

This is the easiest way to bake a cake and you cannot find this method to bake a cake anywhere else on internet and I want each and everyone of you to try this at home. 


  • Begin the introduction by ‘’Why you wanted to write this article’’. Example:People find it difficult to bake a cake at home.With this way you can give introduction to almost all the topics
  • If the article is about a person talk about his early life,his struggle to achieve his goal and lesson to learn from his life.
  • If the article is about an incident write, what caused the incident,what actually happened during the incident,impacts of the incident.
  • If the article is about a procedure explain the steps one by one .


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