Future Prospects


Megha kumari, Academic content writer of Economics at Edumarz

Education is consider a key to human capital, but still illiteracy rate is high in India. When we think of future prospects of education, we see a large number of barriers are there which has to be removed. 

  1. EDUCATION TO ALL- STILL A DISTANT DREAM : With the increase in literacy rate among youth and adult, still number of illiterates are high. With government scheme of basic education to 6-14years children, still 100% literacy didn’t achieved. 


  1. GENDER EQUITY- BETTER THAN BEFORE : In India female literacy rate is low than man. And we have to go miles to achieve gender equity. So that every female and male in India is educated. To give women economic independence and social status, literacy rate of women need to be increased. 

  1. HIGHER EDUCATION – A FEW TAKERS : Higher education in India is not achieved by all.  Number of person getting higher education is less as compared to basic education. Unemployment rate is high among the youth, including both one who has no higher education and the one with higher education. 

Government has to focus to increasing the persons getting higher education. Along with this also to improve the standard of higher education. This will help youth getting good skills which reduce the unemployment in India.

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