Give an example of a plant hormone that promotes growth?


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Solution:- Auxin is the plant hormone that promotes growth.

  • It is present at the stem, bud, and root tip.

  • It promotes stem elongation.

  • It helps in cell division and xylem differentiation.

  • Auxin induces parthenocarpy .parthenocarpy is the formation of fruits without fertilization. Parthenocarpy results in the formation of seedless seeds. parthenocarpy in the development of fruit without fertilization tomatoes.

  • Apical dominance -If the apical bud is removed, lateral buds, sprouting of lateral bud by the removal of apical bud is called apical dominance.

  • By the application of a low concentration of auxins, root primordia appear on cuttings and the formation of root takes place.

  • Auxins increase the rate of respiration by converting ADP into ATP.

  • Indole acetic acid which is a synthetic auxin plays an important role in inhibiting the leaf and fruit fall.

  • Auxins can be natural or synthetic.

  • Natural derivatives of auxin:-indole -3-acetic acid, indole butyric acid.

  • Synthetic derivatives of auxin:-naphthalene acetic acid,2,4-D dichlorophenoxyacetic.

  • The auxin limits the decapitated root’s growth in the germinating roots.

     ExplanationPlant hormones are the chemicals that help in plant growth and development. Auxin is the plant hormone that promotes plant growth while abscisic acid and ethylene inhibit plant growth.

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