Give three examples of the range of variations that you see in life-forms around you.


-Suchismita , Subject matter expert

  1. Small soil worm to big fishes 

 All worms belonging to a group /class have many legs and they can crawl. 

Some can fly also. 

Fishes are organisms which belong to water. Some fishes belong to fresh water i.e. in ponds, rivers and lakes and some big fishes belong to sea water. Whales and sharks are part of sea water whereas katla and small fishes are part of fresh water.   

  1. Creeper to big banyan tree 

 Creeper is the lowest form of plant , where algae is the primitive form. 

Developed tree means which should have proper root, stem, leaves  and  branches. Shoot should be strong to bear the leaves , branches, flowers and fruits.  Creepers are plants which need support to grow and their root is not strong enough to stand and bear leaves , fruits and flowers. 

Whereas banyan tree is the strongest tree to bear all its branches ,leaves , flowers and fruits. Along with that it has adventitious roots.

  1. Black crow to eagle 

Black crow ,cuckoo , and sparrows are common forms of birds. 

Kingfishers are sometimes also seen near the ponds they hunt for the small fishes present in the lakes. Eagles generally look for the small birds to hunt or the babies of birds. Eagle is the bigger bird among those seen. 

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