Graduate Management Admission Test



-By Gaurav Mittal, Blog content writer (Edumarz)

What is GMAT?

GMAT stands for Graduate Management Admission Test. The GMAT exam, created by business schools for business schools, examines the competencies most important to success in a graduate management degree.GMAC( Graduate Management Admission Council) is a global non-profit organization which accounts for 220 world leading graduate buisness schools

More than 200,000 candidates attempt this management admission test which allows them to apply for some management graduate programs.

Format :

GMAT holds two sections in the test , quantative skill test and verbal skill test. GMAT is an objective type exam which in terms maybe known as computer adaptice exam. This means that the difficulty of the next question which is to be attempted by the candidate is determined by the response recorded from the previous answered question by himself and this comes to a an appropriate and accurate way of measuring one’s skills.

GMAT also  includes an Integrated Reasoning section which measures a candidate’s information evaluative capability. This section includes information in multiple formats from multiple sources and this type of information evaluative skill is now a days in demand.

How secure this test is?

GMAT offers a tight security check of candidate which includes him to verify himself with valid identification proof, signature , digital photo, palm vein reader and this test is proctored and videotaped(recorded) by the individual testing stations. In terms of test security we can say GMAC(Graudate Management Admission Council) is leading in the industry.

GMAC has been actively involved in increasing diversity in business education for more than three decades. Recognizing diversity as a global business imperative, GMAC has invested more than $12 million in diversity pipeline development programmes, organisations, and initiatives, which will be further used to make advancements.


Do you think GMAT should make any changes in the test format?

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