Health connotes to a state of fulfilment of physical and mental well-being. Healthcare’s main purpose is in helping people in maintenance of optimal well-being. According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), Health does not only mean absence of infirmity or infection, but it also means a state of physical, mental and social well-being.

Spirituality, Emotional stability and financial stability play a role in the contribution to overall well-being. Experts in the medical field have linked these factors to lower stress levels and improved the physical and mental health. The types of health which connotes to physical and mental health are highly discussed among people. They have been explained comprehensively:


A person who has a strong balance on his physical health is mostly probable to have processes of functions of his/her body at the peak. This happens not only due to disease absence but also regular exercise, nutrition balanced and other medical factors which contribute to healthiness. Looking after health helps in reducing the peril of injuries such as reducing hazards, practicing effective hygiene, etc.


This connotes to an individual’s social, emotional and psychological well-being. Mental health plays an equally important role as physical health in shaping an individual ‘s life. Good mental health not only means absence of sickness such as depression and anxiety, but also it refers to one’s ability to enjoy life, achieving full potential and feel safe and secure.

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